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TDD for the Web, with Python, Selenium, Django, JavaScript and pals...

The Book

"Test-Driven Web Development with Python" aims to teach TDD for web programming. It uses a concrete example -- the development of a website, from scratch -- to explain the TDD metholology and how it applies to building web applications. It covers the Selenium browser-automation tool, unit testing, mocking, and interacting with Web technologies from the basics of static content, database integration, throught the inescapable JavaScript, and onto more advanced (and trendy) topics like NoSQL, websockets and Async programming.

Reading it

There are two ways you can read this book:

Obviously this is my favourite option! O'Reilly are great, they have DRM-free versions you can download in all sorts of formats (MOBI/epub/pdf), and you'll get updates automatically every few weeks. You can also get it from and and lots of other Amazons I'm sure, or read it online at Safari if you have an account there.

Via O'Reilly' Chimera. I see this as a "try-before-you-buy" scheme, and I hope that if you enjoy it you'll buy a copy -- if not for yourself, then perhaps for a friend!


I feel incredibly lucky to be writing this book, and have the standard amounts of impostor syndrome. I've only actually been doing TDD for a couple of years, and I've only been a professional programmer for about 3 years. But I feel I've learned a lot, and I enjoy sharing the knowledge.

But the book would be much better if it reflected more than just my own limited perspective -- it would be nice if at least some of the huge amounts of experience in the testing community were to filter into it, over and above my own limited experience.

So, If you're an experienced TDD-er, read my draft, and let me know what you think: am I presenting TDD in the right way? What would you do differently? Is there anything you think I'm missing?

If you're a beginner, I need your help too! This book is meant to be for you, so let me know if the books works well for you as a lerning tool - am I going too fast or too slow, am I presenting things in an intelligible way, etc etc.

How to comment

The O'Reilly site allows you to submit "errata", and the Chimera site has a comments function. Do use those for typos, errors etc. If you'd like to have a more philosophical discussion, you can get in touch with me directly via

You can even leave comments right here. The important thing is, get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you.


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Read the book

The book is available both for free and for money. It's all about TDD and Web programming. Read it here!

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