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[update 2013-04-09 19:24 GMT]




O'Reilly gave us a Goat!

And what a goat! Look at it! Glorious!

Thanks to each and every person that helped make it happen. I hope you're as pleased as I am. Thanks to Meghan my editor, thanks to the Design team at O'Reilly, and, just, wow. awesome.

The old version of the post follows, for posterity...

Goat up a tree! Image credit: Caitlin Stewart, on Flickr

My beloved publisher, O'Reilly, have suggested putting a snake on the cover

-- "That's what we usually have, for Python books... Why, do you have a better idea?"

-- "Yes, a goat"

-- "A goat? That's weird... Is it important to you?"

I'd say it is! Let's help them to understand how dear the Testing Goat is to the Python Testing community Share your pictures, emotional experiences, favourite goat moments... Every comment counts as a signature on this virtual petition.

With your help we can have an Actual O'Reilly Book about TestingInPython with An Actual Goat on the cover. Wouldn't that be awesome?


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