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Plans for the second edition

Sun 25 September 2016
By Harry

The second edition was mostly prompted by the announcement by Mozilla that they were shutting down Persona in November 2016. Given that it would affect almost all the chapters from 15 thru to 21, it seemed a good excuse to do a full second edition rather than just an update.

Here, in brief, is an outline of the plan:

Chapter rewrites:

  • Rewrite chapters 15 + 16, replace persona with passwordless auth: first draft done

  • Update chapters 17+ for persona changes: in progress

  • Update JavaScript chapter for new version of QUnit: done

  • Update deployment chapters to use Systemd instead of Upstart: started but only in ansible appendix.

  • Two new chapters on REST APIs and Ajax: code spiked, but chapters not yet written

Minor updates + changes:

  • Switch to using a virtualenv from the very beginning
  • Upgrade to latest Django (1.10?)
  • Use less HTML ids and more classes
  • Use more early returns in FTs when refactoring partially finished user stories.

That's it, in very brief. You can read more on the google group, and feel free to join in the discussion there too, or here. Let me know what you think!


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