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EuroPython 2016 call for beginners' day coaches.

Sun 10 July 2016
By Harry

Coming to EuroPython? Will you be there by the Sunday before it all starts? (the 17th) Want to help some beginners to get to grips with Python, and get the most out of the conference? I need your help!

It's always surprising how many beginners come to Python conferences. The beginners' day is a full-day event aimed at helping them to get the best out of the conference -- getting them up to speed on the basics of Python, but also giving them a bit of a tour around the Python ecosystem, Python in-jokes and jargon, and what the conference is all about.

Here's an example of a happy beginner from last year:

The day is mainly structured around self-directed learning, where attendees follow one of several selected tutorials, at their own speed. Most imporantly of all, they sit at tables with coaches -- more experienced Python programmers ready to help them when they get stuck, explain things when they get confusing, and help them find solutions to problems.

(if you've ever attended a Djangogirls workshop, you'll see where I've shamelessly stolen the idea from ;)

I already have several coaches signed up, but it'd be great to have a few more. You don't have to be a Python expert, just someone that remembers what it was like to be a beginner, someone patient and kind and keen to help. Here's more on how to be a good coach.

The workshop starts at 10AM on the Sunday before the conference, the 17th.

Helping beginners is a great feeling, I hope you'll join me! Emails to [email protected] please :-)


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