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Your feedback required re: a new edition

Mon 18 April 2016
By Harry

Mozilla has announced that they are retiring the Persona project, which I use in the book from chapter 15 onwards. This is sad news, because it was a great project, but also because it's going to break those chapters! So O'Reilly have suggested I write up a new edition of the book, and I'd like to get your suggestions and feedback.

It's not meant to be a wholesale rewrite, mainly just find a replacement for Persona, and then address a few improvements if I have time. So my questions to you are:

  • What would you replace Persona with?
  • What other changes or improvements would you like to see in the book?
  • Are there any totally new topics you'd love to see covered? (and I'm not making any promises here!)

I've kicked off a discussion on the book's mailing list, and there's talk of JavaScript MVC frameworks, a REST API, docker, and much else.

Please join the discussion!


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