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Wed 03 July 2013
By Harry

I can't believe the videos are already up! Here's a few links:

My usual TDD/Django Tutorial now featuring the example from the book! People's favourite bit seemed to be when I stand on the chair...

Me in a faster TDD/Python talk in Italiano. Still can't believe the organisers put me on as the first Italian talk of the whole week. I think it was some kind of evil joke.

Rob Collins' Test-Driven-Madness which I couldn't see because it was on at the same time as my tutorial, but from what he told me about it while we were sitting at the same desk doing prep around 1AM the previous day, it was pretty entertaining. I have had independent confirmation of this too.

Holger Krekel on pytest again, haven't seen this, but any man that can speak that passionately about the politics of P2P cannot possibly ever go wrong.

Great conference so far! Any more out there?


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